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The audacity of shamelessly asking

Can get you in a private plane with Richard Branson to go to the inauguration of Barack Obama in Washington.

Sriracha Popcorn

This is either a great or a terrible idea. I cannot decide which.

Put Sriracha on it!

Via Serious Eats.

Anti-Date Rape Straw

"The straw can currently detect the two most common drugs being used, ketamine and gamma-hydroxybutyric acid, of GHB. Patolsky and Ioffe are working on adding more drug detection abilities, including rohypnol, aka ruffies.

The idea is that women will carry the straw with them when they go out, and they can reuse the straw as many times as they like until the straw encounters the presence of any date rape drugs. If the straw detects any drug in the drink, a chemical reaction will be created and the straw will change colour, depending on the drug."

Sneakers (Memories of the Sneakers Shoot)

By Stephen Tobolowsky.

'At the end of the shoot, Phil said the only thing that could make the whole experience of working on Sneakers better was if the lab lost the film. Then we would be able to do it all over again.

Years later I ran into Phil at the symphony. I asked him I how he was able to come up with such a great script. He blushed and said he had worked on it for nine years. I know spending a long time writing something doesn’t guarantee success. But not giving up on a good idea almost always does.'

Full article in Slate.


´Rip Cord is a simple improvement upon the classic roll of packaging tape. This tape has a small string running down the center of the tape. The user pulls the string to separate the tape in half. This makes opening boxes a cinch, as there is no longer a need for scissors, knives, or keys. The packaging tape dispenser has a sharp edge with which to cut the tape, this edge is shaped such that the tape is cut to provide a tab at the center. This tape makes it easy for users to locate and lift the string.´


Via Quirky.

Radio Patio: Reto de lectura 7.

Mi primer intento de superar un reto de lectura del club. Libros para el reto: 3/6

1: "Caza de portadas" - Seguimos buscando!
2: "Esos tiempos que nunca volverán" - Esta categoría me la dejo para el final, si me diera tiempo... no soy muy amiga de releer.
3: "Descubrimientos" - A Game of Thrones de George R.R. Martin.
4: "Todo o Nada" - 84 Charing Cross Road de Helene Hanff.
5: "Quitando el polvo" - Bestiario de Julio Cortazar.
6: "Libro Radio Patio" - Probablemente el de este mes por lo menos, aunque dependerá de si lo he leído ya o no :).

Terms of service: didn't read.

'ToS;DR aims at creating a transparent and peer-reviewed process to rate and analyse Terms of Service and Privacy Policies in order to create a rating from Class A to Class E.'

Open to anyone who can and wants to contribute.

The S.H.I.E.L.D helithingy

Ironically made by a Russian guy.

Via Core77.


'FiveThirtyEight’s mission is to help New York Times readers cut through the clutter of this data-rich world. The blog is devoted to rigorous analysis of politics, polling, public affairs, sports, science and culture, largely through statistical means. In addition, FiveThirtyEight provides forecasts of upcoming presidential, Congressional and gubernatorial elections through the use of its proprietary prediction models.

FiveThirtyEight was founded by Nate Silver in March 2008, and was licensed by The Times in August 2010. It is produced in conjunction with The Times’s graphic and interactive journalists and its team of political editors, correspondents and polling experts.'

Here is the story

Boy and girl meet again. Boy and girl are now friends.

Rocambolesc (OMG)

"Postres inspirados en los helados e ingredientes de la receta original que hacemos en el restaurante [...]. Hemos diseñado una bolsa especial para el celebrado postre lácteo, con el objetivo de que todos puedan montarlo en casa. Lleva el kit completo: algodón de azúcar, guayaba, dulce de leche, yogurt de oveja y helado de leche de oveja de raza ripollesa."

Postres del Celler de Can Roca

Y tras el salto, las fotos del resto de postres en nuestra visita al Celler.