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This is the archive for September 2008

Good day (DJ Greg Street Ft. Nappy Roots)

We're gonna have a good day.

(Fake) Street signs

"a collaborative project that takes the work of artists from around the world, in the form of fake road signs, and turns the streets of Lyon, France into an enormous gallery without walls. The round red and white signs look enough like real European traffic signs that you might take them for granted, but weird enough if you notice them to make you stop and think."

The Bedroom Secrets of the Master Chefs

"But she had other things on her mind than history and he would be her second lover that evening, though by the end of the night she would have had three."

Thanks jotajota for letting me borrow the book!

This machine kills artists

So I kinda need one.

A dirty word

On WAR vs WOW.

"WAR is not WoW. But it is a lot like it in a number of crucial ways, and for one essential reason: money. I suspect Mythic and EA arenít too concerned about the comparison themselves - they might disagree with the sweeping generalisation, but if they didnít want to be compared they would have gone for an entirely different interface and art approach. Saying WAR is like WoW is not the same as saying itís a bad or a lazy game, but unfortunately there are guys who do intentionally make the comparison unfavourably, and thatís perhaps understandably made a lot of WAR fans very touchy. I wish they wouldnít take it so personally, but it canít realistically be stopped."

About Spore

The manual for Spore says exactly: "You may have multiple Spore accounts for each installation of the game."

Users, however, have been complaining that doesn't seem possible, and while it took a while, an EA rep finally admitted "our bad": "That section in the manual was a misprint and will be corrected in future printings of the manual. There is one Spore registration/account per game/serial code so you are correct in that you cannot make multiple accounts at this time."

Pft. A misprint??? You gotta be kidding me. Full text on:

The listening post.

"Listening Post is an art installation that culls text fragments in real time from thousands of unrestricted Internet chat rooms, bulletin boards and other public forums. The texts are read (or sung) by a voice synthesizer, and simultaneously displayed across a suspended grid of more than two hundred small electronic screens."

So, basically, Mark Hansen and Ben Rubin turn the IRC into something arty. Very well done, pretty and funny, tho.

True Story

Has the Large Hadron Collider destroyed the earth yet?

Gala (Restaurant, Madrid)

Very awesome food.

To George Lucas

5 things we really hate (in case you are clueless):

1. Jar Jar Binks.
2. Ahsoka Tano. Like Yoda would have given Anakin a padawan.
3. Kids. Endless supply of annoying ones. Even the huttlet sucked.
4. Stupid droids. They sound like Jar Jar was the original model.
5. Anakin. The actor sucked, but you know... the animation could have made it better.

There is more, but I would start crying.