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“No más Myolastan,
no más Doxilamina, no más
Hoy empieza mi nueva vida
Voy a cambiar el final, a volver a volar
(Ya no hay nada que me lo impida).”

No más myolastan (by Guille Milkyway).
La revolución sexual.


“I'm constantly inches away from making enemies.”

Asrahn, Blood Elf Paladin

The 8 principles of fun

So be it.

1. Stop hiding who you really are.
2. Start being intensely selfish.
3. Stop following the rules.
4. Start scaring yourself.
5. Stop taking it all so damn seriously.
6. Start getting rid of the crap.
7. Stop being busy.
8. Start something.



Pretty cool, with RSS.

Another quote.

“...but I'm not a rational person. I'm more of a square root of 3 kind of person.”



"Words excite me. They really do. Show me a man who has a way with words and you’ll find me with very wet pants. It’s the best aphrodisiac, in my opinion; forget good looks or a trim physique – find me a wordsmith any day and I’ll be a happy woman.

I don’t refer to a man’s ability to be talkative; that is something completely different. Rather, someone who knows how to be a linguist; who can use his tongue for more than just licking pussy. (Not that I have anything against a man who enjoys such things of course, but his ability to converse well, will have much more of an effect on my horniness, than any direct clitoral stimulation).

1 and Game on.

I'm coming back.