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Sriracha Popcorn

This is either a great or a terrible idea. I cannot decide which.

Put Sriracha on it!

Via Serious Eats.

Rocambolesc (OMG)

"Postres inspirados en los helados e ingredientes de la receta original que hacemos en el restaurante [...]. Hemos diseñado una bolsa especial para el celebrado postre lácteo, con el objetivo de que todos puedan montarlo en casa. Lleva el kit completo: algodón de azúcar, guayaba, dulce de leche, yogurt de oveja y helado de leche de oveja de raza ripollesa."

Postres del Celler de Can Roca

Y tras el salto, las fotos del resto de postres en nuestra visita al Celler.

Grilled Steak, Avocado, and Spicy Crema Sandwiches


Recipe via Serious Eats.

La mejor tarta de chocolate del mundo

Not sure if it really is the best chocolate cake in the world, but it is definitely pretty close. Shops in Lisbon, New York, Brazil (several of them) and now Madrid.


And the cheese table. The OMG table.

Prime Rib

And everything you need/want to know about it.

So what exactly is Prime Rib?
'To locate the prime rib, start by cutting your favorite cow neatly down the center from head to tail along the spine. Set aside one half for another use. Place your hand on its back and feel your way backwards along its vertebrae until you start feeling ribs. Count backwards to the sixth rib (this is called, appropriately enough "Rib #6"), and cut here.
Now continue counting back until you get to Rib #12 and cut again. Reserve the head section and the tail section for another use, saving just the ribs you just cut out. Now saw the ribs off at about 13 to 16-inches down their length and set aside the belly section. Take off the hide, and what you're left with is the prime rib.'

And the link to the whole story:

Burger Lab: McDonald's burger that won't rot

J. Kenji Lopez-Alt at Serious Eats went the scientific route. From his post:

'A few weeks back, I started an experiment designed to prove or disprove whether or not the magic, non-decomposing McDonald's hamburgers that have been making their way around the internet are indeed worthy of disgust or even interest.'

The theories:

1. There is some kind of chemical preservative in the beef and/or bun and/or the wrapping.
2. The high salt level is preventing the burger from rotting.
3. The small size allows it to dehydrate fast enough.
4. There are no mold spores present on their storage conditions.
5. There is no air in their storage facilities.

Wanna bet on any?

My 5 favorite restaurants of 2010

And the dishes I remember best:

- Noho Star, New York. Apple eggs benedict. Google it, serious.
- Ramon Freixa, Madrid. Big duck. Duck hamburger with green mustard icecream and idiazabal cheese.
- Los Llanos, Albacete. The rice, all of it (and the fries). And the love.
- Per se, New York. All day braised salmon creek farm's pork belly. Omg.
- Hotel 41, London. Breakfast. English breakfast.

Awesome burger at Vie

Drools X)''

Via Serious Eats.

Breakfast salad

Avocado, tomatoes, salt, pepper, herbs and Parmesan. And a poached egg on top of everything. Must be done.

Full recipe can be found here.

Ramon Freixa Madrid VS Sergi Arola Gastro

I went to both places within the last few weeks and, in my (totally humble) opinion, Ramon Freixa beats Sergi Arola hands down. And here are the reasons:

1. The place: RFM is beautiful, huge tables away from each other, really comfortable chairs, after lunch drinks are great; everything invites to enjoy the food and the conversation. SAG has way too many tables, too close together, the decoration is just meh, chairs are just ok. It was empty and we still got sat down in the middle of the room and it felt cold. They didn't offer us drinks after lunch.
2. The food: Both places are into the same type of cuisine. Both chefs are good, but RF has some brilliance that SG lacks, like the latter was more interested in execution than taste.
3. The bread: OMG, OMG, OMG. RFM has the best bread I have ever eaten.
4. The service: Both are good, but I had to ask for water twice in SAG. And we were pretty much alone.
5. The overall experience: The first time I went to RFM I said I wasn't very hungry; he took that into account and made me wonderful food, that I could finish and not die in the process. The second time I went, I was hungry and I could eat a lot and almost die in the process. When I went to SAG I had to eat one of their menus and by the time we got to the starters I wasn't even hungry anymore. I didn't feel like they were adapting the experience to me, but that I had to adapt to the experience.

For food pics, try Yumit :)