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Here is the story

Boy and girl meet again. Boy and girl are now friends.


And very much so.

Move out and move on

I am about to move out and I think I will try to take the opportunity to move on.

And maybe come back to the blog, because honestly, I kinda miss it.

I am so fucking frustrated.

I need to scream loud. And I don't know where to go.


Not again. I fucking hate this.

Time to get organized.

ThinkingRock iPhone app available on the Apple Store.


I don't want him to come back.

Business Plus

Upgraded for our trip to USA. I don't think I will come back.


Starting next wednesday. Sweet :D.

Commitment to self.

Second term:

- Contabilidad financiera
- Matemáticas II
- Planificación empresarial


-nuff said.

3 weeks off

I might cry of joy.

ATP Masters Series Madrid

Went on Friday. Pretty good layout overall (Madrid Arena), court looked great ( Games were ok, but nothing spectacular (Nadal VS Lopez and Simon VS Karlovic).

RSS fixed

Sorry about that!