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Visions of the Gamepocalypse (by Jesse Schell)

The curiosity gap. I love that idea.

On quitting wow

And leveling IRL.

'[...]So I quit. I quit hard enough that the way the game had pulled me in the last time wasn't an option anymore. And instead of spending an hour every day doing my daily quests in-game, I spent an hour every day doing "daily quests" in real life - I started working out. I started leveling my actual skills and stats. [...]'

A dirty word

On WAR vs WOW.

"WAR is not WoW. But it is a lot like it in a number of crucial ways, and for one essential reason: money. I suspect Mythic and EA arenít too concerned about the comparison themselves - they might disagree with the sweeping generalisation, but if they didnít want to be compared they would have gone for an entirely different interface and art approach. Saying WAR is like WoW is not the same as saying itís a bad or a lazy game, but unfortunately there are guys who do intentionally make the comparison unfavourably, and thatís perhaps understandably made a lot of WAR fans very touchy. I wish they wouldnít take it so personally, but it canít realistically be stopped."

About Spore

The manual for Spore says exactly: "You may have multiple Spore accounts for each installation of the game."

Users, however, have been complaining that doesn't seem possible, and while it took a while, an EA rep finally admitted "our bad": "That section in the manual was a misprint and will be corrected in future printings of the manual. There is one Spore registration/account per game/serial code so you are correct in that you cannot make multiple accounts at this time."

Pft. A misprint??? You gotta be kidding me. Full text on:

Cold deck


Murphy's laws of WoW.

1. If something can be nerfed, it will be nerfed.
2. The only times you see rare herbs, rare mineral veins or chests on your minimap is when you're on a gryphon.
3. The moment you decide you can ninja AFK a minute is when the raid leader is watching you.
4. The items you so desperately want from an instance never drop until the first time you're there with an alt. Who can't use it.
5. The one time you roll a 99, someone else will roll 100.
6. Anyone who plays more than you has no life. Anyone who plays less than you is a scrub.
7. The moment you fly into a port is the moment you will see your ship sail away.
8. Nightfall only procs when the last mob dies.


The best game ever

“They say the front line of the War on Terror is the airport security line. See if youíve got what it takes to keep airline travel safe in this hysterical game of airport security. Better not let that tube of toothpaste get through your checkpoint ó it could be a terroristís weapon against freedom (or maybe it just fights gingivitis)!”

Save/Restore your Friends List (WOW)

“It's main purpose is for those realms undergoing maintanance periods that will end with loss of your friendslist.”

Anatomy of a Guild Death

(Woot! Drama!) Original at:

I had the unfortunate experience of being in a guild which started going through death throes this week. Problems had been building for about a month as some of our key members left. However, in the end it came down to the simple fact that a few people were pushing our guild to be more hardcore against everyone else's wishes. Too bad all of our priests were casual players who felt offended by these people having free reign. Most of our priests were close friends and the wives of other guild members. Once one decided to quit they all decided to quit and the guild members started to drop like flies. The best part is the person who started all the trouble was one of the first ones to quit after the priests left.

I've been in a lot of guilds and experienced a wide range of guild politics, loot distribution systems, and hardcoreness. Honestly by the time I had gotten into World of Warcraft I had almost decided to stop raiding for good. This guild breaking up had a sort of deja vu feel to it since I swear it was an exact copy of my last guild breakup. In fact I was freaking out my friends by calling out who would leave next and what they would say in guild chat before they left. By the end of the night my friends were convinced I was telepathic and I was convinced I needed to write an article on guild death.


*****: new people to morpgs tend to get star eyed over pixels.

Top 10 Weapons

#2. Red turtle shell. Nod.