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´Rip Cord is a simple improvement upon the classic roll of packaging tape. This tape has a small string running down the center of the tape. The user pulls the string to separate the tape in half. This makes opening boxes a cinch, as there is no longer a need for scissors, knives, or keys. The packaging tape dispenser has a sharp edge with which to cut the tape, this edge is shaped such that the tape is cut to provide a tab at the center. This tape makes it easy for users to locate and lift the string.´


Via Quirky.

My new (and very pretty) iPad case

Flexible, with corner protection <3333.

Streak Case

The Belkin WeMo Switch

"The Belkin WeMo Switch lets you turn electronic devices on or off from anywhere inside--or outside--your home. The WeMo Switch uses your existing home Wi-Fi network to provide wireless control of TVs, lamps, stereos, and more. Simply download the free WeMo app, plug the switch into an outlet in your home, and plug any device into the switch. You'll be able to turn that device on or off using your iPhone or iPad. You can even set schedules for your devices and control them remotely using a mobile Internet connection. You can also add additional switches to your home to control more devices."


High heels...

... and bubble baths.


Via The Telegraph and a bit old.

Mathias Tactile Pro 3

This keyboard goes right to the top of my wish list.


Solid surface bathtub (by Kohler)

I think I am gonna be needing a new category item for bathtubs. Via Trendir, here is an amazing bathtub by Kohler.


Music you can touch

"The c60 music player from IDEO’s Boston office. The team brought to life a concept from Martin Bone and Kara Johnson’s book, I Miss My Pencil, that brings physicality back to the experience of listening to music."

Cool, sweet, very pretty. Via ideo.

The tie tea cup

Designed by George Lee, and by that I mean designed, for real.

Bubbles for two

Named TwoSpace. With movable hydromassage jets, placed to hit just the right spots.

From Sanindusa.

Pretty footage, bad narrative.

And a fucking big bad ass crane.

'Exclusive unseen time lapse video footage of the Miracle on the Hudson, US Airways flight 1549 as it is struggling to stay afloat and avoid the barrage of an ice attack. An unsung hero was the Airbus A320 which survived a crash landing, sinking and safely contained 155 Humans.'

Posted on - [Flight 1549] from David Martin on Vimeo.

Mute watch

'Mutewatch is a silent alarm in the shape of a vibrating wristband. This discreet device with its disguised touch screen brings structure and time back to its user. It serves as a quiet reminder that helps you to follow your own agenda without disturbing people in your surroundings.'

I never wear a watch but now I clearly need one.

The tread 1 watch

Amazingly pretty.

Skyscraper with built in wind turbines

Also known as The Razor.