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Harry Potter

My (short, late and uninteresting) take on Harry Potter:

1. B1&2 are fun to read and they are a decent start to the series.
2. B3&4 are pretty good. B4 has been one of my favorite reads in 2010.
3. B5 made me want to kill myself. It is super long, super slow and I couldn't care less about some of it.
4. B6 was just ok, but quoting Nacho: 'It has the best cliffhanger ever".
5. Book 7 was a decent end, even tho there was a point were I thought I wasn't gonna like it.

I also tried watching the movies, but I thought the first one was very bad and couldn't keep going.


The ending of B4 is the best of the series, period. B5 I didn't like either, I told you too.

And regarding B6's cliffhanger, you have to take into account that it was August 2005, and B7 didn't come out until July 2007. That was two years wondering what really happened there. Terrible. Although I had my <a href="">theories</a>, which seemed quite right in the end ;-)

The movies... I know it's hard to believe, but movies 1 & 2 are probably the best (and most true-to-the-books). Movie 3 is average-good but leaves out most of the underlying story (worth a watch though). Movie 4 is terrible, with many obvious budget cuts and half of the story thrown away. And movies 5 & 6 are higher budget but even worse regarding the story.

The problem with the movies is that starting with B3, the books are longer and longer and more adult-oriented, with complex stories and relationships that don't fit well in a 2-2.5h movie. What they do is cut out all that and leave the explosions and romance, and that doesn't work. B1 and B2 are short and simple, very kids-oriented and with few references to Tom Riddle or Harry Potter's past; and that's why they do work.

With M7 they are going to do it in two parts... infinite boredom ensues.

Posted by Nach at 06/06/10 19:41:44

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